Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Randomnity, Part 2

1 - Apparently, when you fill out the on-line form for the post office where you pay $1 and request they forward your mail to your new address, there is someone who receives the e-mail, sees this:

asd;kfjads;kfjs;adljf asd;lkfja;ldkfj as;dfljads;lkfjads
instead of the request, and pockets the $1, with a trip to dollar night at Baskin Robbins in mind. At least, that's what has seemed to happen in our situation. Wee! If I don't get a bill, do I still have to pay it? 2 - I am condsidering taking Jake and Josh to the movies tomorrow. Alone. Please stop laughing. Thank you. It's only $1, so I figure that if it's a disaster, we at least get to spend 10 minutes in a really cold, dark room. And if it's a success, we will spend 1 1/2 hours in a cold, dark room. Cold. Hallelujah. If you would like to take your children to a cold, dark room for free or super cheap, click here. You're bound to find at least one theatre nearby. The last time I went to the movies was about 2 weeks ago, with my sister. It was about 287 degrees outside when we entered the theatre at 7:30 pm. It was SO cold during the movie that we were praying it would be 412 degrees outside when we exited. It wasn't. Surprise! It was more like 80 something at 9:30 pm. And still not hot enough to defrost. I never thought I would look back at that experience longlingly. Fortunately, no limbs were lost. 3 - I have learned that when a city gives a home builder a "certificate of occupancy" it does not actually mean that a house is complete or clean. Funny how that works. Who needs the rest of their kitchen countertops installed anyway? Silly, silly. 4 - Also! Because we're new construction, it is very difficult (which may soon turn into impossible) to find someone to provide our home with high-speed internet. My husband works from home! When he's not traveling, that is. Hey - did you know my husband works from home? In the field of technology? Where high-speed internet is crucial? He does. It is. We are...screwed. Because of that, you may miss posts on this blog for a week or so. Or until I secure a library card. And hopefully they have internet access. 5 - I shall end with this thought...when you get tired of rolling your eyes at these posts, you have the option to click that little red X box up at the top of your screen. But me? Not an option. Consider that. Also, consider this. Driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Nathan and I had to caravan with both the cars. The person driving in the Civic would have to make the trip without a radio. The person driving the mini-van would have both children in the car. I begged, pleaded and groveled to drive the mini-van. What? 7 1/2 hours in a car with 2 small children? Voluntarily? Oh, yes. Because having to drive in a car with nothing but my own brain for company? I would rather have my eyeballs tattooed.


At 7/18/2006 05:35:00 PM, Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I actually did a move from Salt Lake Utah to San Diego California in a car with no AC or radio in the middle of summer. It was sooo boring!!! I would pick the radio over no kids any day.


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