Tuesday, April 04, 2006

how I love the milk-filled boobs

Oh, how I dislike the bottle. Oh, how I wish I appreciated the boob milk better when it was a'flowin'. I breastfed Jacob for 8+ months. I knew it was best, and that's why I did it, but oh how I hated 2 3/4 of every 3 minutes of it. I really attribute the dislike of nursing (for just one thing, it was never ending - he ate at least every 2 hours for more than 2 months straight) to the crazy-mixed up hormones that also brought me the joy of post-partum depression. Anyhow, when we were on track to be blessed with the twins in late September, I still had milk, and intended to nurse. By the time Josh was born, the milk was gone. I thought long and hard about trying to get my milk back and finally decided against it for several reasons. Want to know more? Ask. Anyhow, now we're a bottle feeding family, I realize how good it was to nurse. Washing bottles? Akin to my feelings on laundry. Buying formula? Sure it's necessary, but wouldn't shoes be more fun to spend money on? Or this? Josh has been congested since birth. Talk about snotty! I pick that kids nose several times a day, and the boogers? They just keep regrowing. I can also often feel his congested chest when I hold him. In the hospital, a person (not nurse, but white mother of a black baby) told me that her black daughter had bad congestion, and as soon as they put her on soy, the problem was gone. She told me it was common for black babies. I've been mulling that thought for six weeks and two days now, but when I talked to our doctors, two of them have told me that the "congestion" is just a noise that babies make, it's normal, no soy needed, etc. Well, today, I bought soy formula. It can't hurt to try, and might even help. The best thing in the world for bottle feeders: the Podee! I bought it when Jacob went on the bottle, but because he never took a pacifier, it never worked. The concept is that the kid sucks on the bottle nipple like a pacifier and the tubing systems gets every last drop of milk from the bottom recesses of the bottle. Someone is very smart and should get very rich off this thing. I've started trying it out on Josh this week in preparation for hiking season (should the rain ever decide to stop falling and the sun decide to come out of hiding) and for long car trips we're thinking of taking this summer. This system is fabulousness at its most fabulous.


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