Sunday, March 26, 2006

So, how was your weekend?

Mine was...tear filled. But WAIT! There IS happy stuff in this post. You just have to scroll down a bit. :) We had throw up. Lots of it. And the runs. Lots more of that. Little Josh is incredibly and amazingly healthy. We are blessed. But I guess I should say that Josh is blessed. Because the rest of us spent the last part of the week in the throes of wrestling the Death Germ. Tears? Why the tears? *My oldest kid is sick - again! Enough is enough! *I was sick - again! Enough is enough! *We had melted red popsicled dripped onto our one year old off-white carpet. In the living room! And I didn't get it all out! *When I was trying to get out the mushed banana stain from the carpet, that was lovingly ground into the carpet about four inches away from the red popsicle stain by the same creature that dripped the popsicle into the carpet, I thought I put a big ol' bleach stain in the living room floor. Yeah! More near-tears! *But then there were more near-tears because I was exhausted and realized that hey! - it didn't bleach the carpet, after all! I used the same product (SpotShot, amazing stuff) to get the red popsiscle all the way out. The tears subside. *Until Saturday, morning when I had to call off a dinner that was supposed to be at our house that night to send off my best friend, her husband and daughter (who is one of Jake's best girlfriends) since they moved this weekend. More tears. *Dinner got rescheduled - we were going to go out to eat after the van was packed with another family. I left Jacob and Nathan home and took Josh. Dinner was fine. The good-bye? More tears! Lots and lots of tears. And then lots more. *I proceeded to cry half way home. Just as I had myself mostly calm, police lights behind me! But I was only going 5 miles over! The calm? Poof! Gone! Welcome back, tears! Because hey, I don't want to spend money on a speeding ticket, traffic school might kill me (oh, the boredom), and did I mention my best friend is moving??? WAAAAaaaaahhhhh... *I moved from the fast lane to the slow lane when the cop turned off his lights and sped on. More tears because...I am so thankful! *I get home, walk in the door and find a husband, who, upon seeing my tear stained face, asks me: what's wrong? WHAT IS WRONG? Best friend: gone. Speeding ticket: near miss. Body: drained. Food: I shouldn't have eaten yet. I. Am. Sad. WWaaaahhhh... (and you can so imagine how far I'm pushing the "I'm sad" line...) Now, though? We're looking at a good week ahead. House is mostly bleached, again. We're having Josh's infant photo shoot. But oh my gosh - it's kind of too late! My "infant" turned 5 weeks old today and he's huge! Too big to stick on the kitchen scale! I put him on the scale, in a bowl, and I got "ERROR". You can see it in the picture. I just thought I did it wrong. Two weeks ago he was 9 lbs 1 oz. So I did it again. ERROR. Huh? I put him on the bathroom scale: 11 lbs 3 oz - 3 ounces more than the kitchen scale can handle. Can you believe how fast he's packing it on? Right now I'm taking bets on when Jacob and Josh will weigh the same. Before Jacob got sick (did I mention Jacob's sick - again?), he was 25 lbs exactly. He's 20 1/2 months. He has gained 4 lbs in the 8 months since his first birthday. My personal guess is that they'll be the same in about 8 more months. But who knows. Nathan has a co-worker with a 25 lb 8 month old. Yikes! Ok, just for anyone who thinks the bowl thing looks uncomfortable...tough. If you walk/crawl/are carried into my house and are under 11 lbs, chances are good that you, too, will do time on my kitchen scale. Here is Jacob at 2 days old, and he's turning out just fine, thanks: Don't you love how we talk so freely about the weight of babies, but if you DARE guess or ask how much I weigh...GRRRR... Can you say hypocrite?


At 3/27/2006 11:29:00 AM, Blogger Rachelle said...

Cute pics! And I hope your kids get better. I almost quit being a mom yesterday. I changed Cam's outfit three times -once because he spit up his lunch, once because he overturned the dogs dish of water and played in it, and once because he knocked over a plant and played in that too. Kids are an adventure every day!

At 3/27/2006 02:06:00 PM, Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I am also wondering when my two kids will weigh the same. Evan is 27 pounds at two years and Harry is 15+ at four months. He is such a little butterball. Is is dropping precentiles but that is not a big suprise since he was 11 pounds at birth. I shudder at the thought that he could double his birth weight by six months. I don't think my back could handle a 22 pound six month old.

At 3/28/2006 08:05:00 PM, Blogger Stacy said...

Sorry you had such a teary day! May you have a happier day today and tomorrow, too!
And your boys are DARLING!!!


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