Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's our anniversary and Nathan slept on the floor

First - he was warned that would be the title of a blog post. Second - while it's all true, it's totally misleading. But still funny. Nathan actually slept on the floor on Anniversary Eve, and woke up there Anniversary morning. There will be no floor sleeping on Anniversary night. After three crazy and awesome years, I think he deserves at least 1/3 of the bed, don't you? Nathan was up feeding Josh his late night bottle (10:30) since I went to bed early (bedroom @ 8, asleep shortly after 9). Well...I woke up at 11 when Josh peed all over his pj's and he was screaming bloody murder. For a mellow baby who rarely cries, I think he wants us to know that yes, he indeed has well-working lungs. Anyway, Nathan had to go into Jake's room to get new clothes for Josh, which - of course! - woke Jake up. So I took Josh duty, and Nathan settled in on the floor with Jake for "just a few minutes" to get him settled. I think they woke up around 6:15 - normal time for Jacob. Let it be known - I did offer to take floor duty with Jacob. But I think Nathan knew that sleeping on the floor was a much better deal than waking up at 2:30 and 5:30 to feed Josh. To celebrate our big day we'll be dropping off the boys - both of them - with my good friend and have dinner. Alone. Whoa. Woot!


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