Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tired, I am. So very. I am. Tired.

Took Josh for his newborn check up. He's spectacular, although we already knew that. Jacob, however, wasn't. He was always an angel at doctor visits - until the 18 month check up. I put him on the table, started taking off his clothes and he just got smacked with the memory of shots! Get me out of here! They give me shots in these rooms! AGH!! Out! Of here now!! When we got to the doctors today, Jake and Josh were asleep. Yes, that was me, carrying the big 19 month old and the infant car seat and the overly stuffed backpack and trying to open the door with no spare hands. What, there's no award for that? Well, there should be. And they should be named Ben. And Jerry. And come with copious amounts of chocolate. Anyway, Jake slept in the waiting room, and woke up in the Room of Shot Hell and freaked out. Good timing, buddy. He somehow didn't understand "this visit is not about you" and "chill, dude - no shots today". That was a fun 10 minutes getting him calmed down, while the nurse asked permission to take my sleeping angel baby and show him off. What? It's not just me that thinks he is the cutest 11 day old alive? Yes, you may adore him. Yes, your friends and co-workers may also adore him. Tips can go in my stuffed backpack. I'm sure I can find room for some spare change or even a dollar bill or twenty. I didn't even get on here to write any of that. I came on here to write what I will now write. My dear friend asked what I'm thinking of being a mom of two. And my sister called as I was driving into my parking spot and I told her I'd call her back in just 10 minutes. Well...three hours later I shot her this e-mail. I think it answers my friends question:

I just want to know if this is really going to be my life for awhile, and I'm afraid the answer is yes. I get the kids out of the car, and Jacob tried to run away. Josh was sleeping in his car seat, so I could get Jake some water and his blankie and try to put him to bed. Not a piece of cake. Re-entry is not as smooth as I had hoped. I sat down for 2 seconds, when I realized the lady who is taking over my job doing the kids' music at church was going to be knocking on my door any minute to get the stuff. So I had to find it. And "it" was in 3 different piles in 2 different rooms. I got it all organized and fed Josh. He finished the bottle right as the knock came on the door, thank goodness she was late. That visit took about 20-30 minutes. She brought diapers. I love her now. I was down to 3 Josh sized diapers. While she was here, Nathan called, so I called him back quick before his next meeting started, but he was in a different meeting. So I hung up and my mother in law called. And talked for an HOUR. And now, here I sit, writing to you. Exhausted. But I know the second I lie down on the couch someone will wake up.
That is my life. That was my day. And now, I might go try to pay a visit to the back of my eyelids.


At 3/03/2006 11:30:00 AM, Blogger Rachelle said...

Poor Jake. And poor you! I hope you get some sleep soon!

At 3/03/2006 09:59:00 PM, Blogger tam said...

It does most definitely get better, easier and more fun. In the meantime, sleep deprivation is no fun!


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