Thursday, February 09, 2006

quality of life: family, the flip side

Yesterday was the answer to why we're moving. Sure, we won't be around grandparents. But there is something known as an airplane, right? That people can hop on and be to each other in 2-4 hours? Not to shabby, that airplane thing. We treasure our family. We respect our parents and the role they will play in our childrens lives. We adore our siblings and would love for them to be people and friends and maybe even role-models - not just names and photos and voices - in the lives our children. But at the same time, we realize that our immediate family really is the most important family unit our children will know - the unit that will form and mold them. This is why we need to move farther away from extended family. We need to see each other more, we need to bond and play and laugh and live - together. And not just on weekends. Yesterday, Nathan was working at his near office (15 minute commute, usually there 1X/week) instead of his far office (1+ hour commute). We met at the park in between for lunch with Daddy and play time on the slide. And when I had Jake at the mall for the picture-from-hell session of my life, I was able to call Nathan and say "Jake's falling apart, I'm falling apart, I need help" and have him show up in 10 minutes to literally save the day. Yesterday was the perfect example of why moving is what we need to do - it will allow us to be together more. Also, it will be kind of nice for Nathan - instead of my sending him pictures throughout the day to show him what we're up do and show him the cute things Jacob is doing, Nathan can live the moments himself.


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