Tuesday, January 24, 2006

guilt vs. gratitude - makes me rip my hair out

Not really all my hair. Because, while I'm told I have a lot of it by the people who "do" it, it's fine and thin and doesn't look like there's much there. And not even the gray ones, because there's so many of those that I might as well rip everything out. Anyway, the guilt vs. gratitude part of the title. I am in the process of cleaning Jake's room out. Yesterday, I took every ever-lovin' thing out of his room. Well, not true. Remaining were the dresser, twin bed and crib. Oh, and the big bookshelf thing. So I took a lot of things out of his room. Proof, you want? That I'm not exaggerating the "a lot" part? Take this: And this: After having loaned his infant clothes out, the bags came back with the sizes mixed. And of course, I would never expect to get baby clothes returned in as good a condition as they were loaned out in - babies do yucky poop and barf things. So I took this golden opportunity to resort sizes, donate some clothes I'm just not lovin' on anymore, and throw some others away. Wait. I have a point here, right? Oh, yes. In addition to the clothes come baby toys and baby blankets. Which is what this is all about. THE BABY BLANKETS. When Jacob was born we got baby blankets from about 4,983 people, most of whom I have never met or heard of, most of them homemade, not all of them cute. But I've saved almost all of them because of the guilt of throwing away or donating something that someone took their time and money to make. For me. Or my child, but that's really the same thing when the child has just exited my womb. I'm once again in a "throw EVERYTHING that we're not using at this VERY minute OUT. NOW!" mood. So the baby blankets are just sneering at me. And I'm still stuck somewhere on the guilt vs. gratitude scale.


At 1/24/2006 06:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend to make diapers out of such blankets.

At 1/24/2006 06:36:00 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

Give them away unless you love them. Give them to a program that works with homeless women or children in the NICU or somewhere where people need a little extra love and coziness. Voila! Guilt begone! (That's what I did! :)


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