Thursday, January 19, 2006

we didn't even go to Berkeley yesterday

For lack of a thoughtful post, I present you with Jacob, who went all bohemian artist on me yesterday: And if you know Jacob, you really get the double meaning of "crafty". One of Nathan's old shirts became Jacob's new art shirt yesterday afternoon. I thought we'd give the shirt a try with crayons before we tried paint, to make sure he'd keep the shirt on. All good. The hat explanation, since I've already had my sister say he looks like a cancer patient and another friend make a similar "what is with that hat?" comment. I wish I had one. Jacob, who won't keep the hat on when we're outside when it's frigid, would not take it off yesterday when we were art-ing. I would try to hide it before he'd shriek for his "HAT! HAT!"


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