Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Husband? He rocks my world.

I called The Husband on his way home from work today and asked him to pick up a couple things from the store on his way home; buns (for the bbq pork sandwiches) and a red onion. He walks in with buns, a red onion, and THREE - 3 - bunches of flowers. Three! First, I'll show off my pretty pictures, then I'll explain that, while this seems simply wonderful a thing in itself, it's even more than that. First, the neener neener neener pictures: Tulips are one of my faves. And he didn't even know that 2 days ago at Costco I spent a few minutes looking longingly at the tulips there. Next, the calla lilies. Again. LOVE them. They're classy and simple and pure and just beautiful. But my mother will always insist on reminding me that "Julie - those are funeral flowers." Well, then. Welcome to my funeral home:Lastly, the roses. And oh, the roses. I truly do not think I have ever smelled roses this fragrant. I kept sticking my nose in them tonight. They smell so heavenly. And there's 13! A bakers dozen! Which is perfect for someone like me who lurves to cook and bake. I took lots of pictures of the roses. Because I like to pretend that I'm a photographer. And also because I'm still getting used to our new camera. Lucky for you, I'm only posting a couple:

Ok, any girl would be super excited if her husband came home with three - 3! - bunches of flowers one night. But it's even better because I wasn't even nice to The Husband last night. It's not like he did something wrong and this was his peace offering. N0pe. I was the dope. Last night he came home from work in a bit of a touchy mood. He didn't know that I, too, was in a bit of a touchy mood. And I decided right away, subconsciously, of course, that my touchy mood took precedence over his touchy mood and I wasn't comforting or a good listener or any of that nice stuff that a wife should be when her husband comes home in a funk. And I still got 3 - three! - bunches of flowers. Sometimes, he is way, way too good to me. Wow, I love him.


At 1/18/2006 12:31:00 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

wow! that's amazing!


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