Sunday, January 15, 2006

So! Excited!

Browsing through the literary calendar in the newspaper today (as I do for fun every Sunday, even though I've never gone to one of the events), I found this: A Great Good Place for Books: 6120 LaSalle Ave, Montclair Village, Oakland 510-339-8210 Saturday: "Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined," Andrea Buchman and Amy Huddock, 7 p.m. First of all, I'll assume they spelled Andrea's last name incorrectly, and they really mean Andrea Buchanan. Second of all - yeah! I used to be a frequent reader of Literary Mama, until I discovered mommy blogs, and religion blogs, and then food blogs, and well, I've become slightly distracted. Also, another chance to go to Montclair, a super cute walking town nestled in the Oakland Hills just off Highway 13 (between the 580 and 24). In fact, Nathan and I just had dinner there last week at a really tasty pizza place after a night out without Jacob. We had already made tentative plans for next weekend (we were thinking Monterey), but this might be enough for me to push back Monterey. And I love Monterey.


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