Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why I will see that Lands End is on Santa's Naughty List - Forever

Or...how the intent to spend $30 on a diaper bag will end with my spending over $250. Ready? I have been wanting this diaper bag from Lands End for awhile. I know it's not super stylish, I know it's kind of plain. BUT - 1) it's red, 2) it's durable, 3) it's red, 4) it's large enough for the needs of 2 kids, 5) it's red. I finally got online last night to buy it, and that is how my request to Santa to put Lands End on the Eternal Naught List came about. Every color is in stock! Except for red! Which is not scheduled to be restocked until June 21! Which is over THREE months away! Assuming that the good people of Lands End could forsee my needs, I was sure that they had hidden a Do-It-All-Diaper Bag, in Red, in a secret corner until I came a'callin'. I used the handy-dandy chat to 'speak' with a Live! Customer Service Rep who I was sure would calm me down and assure me that yes, there was one - but just one! - left. But no. It appears that the Do-It-All-Diaper Bag, in Red, can only 'do-it-mostly' since it obviously can't be in stock when I want it. And it also appears that the restock date of JUNE 21 is not a typo. Fortunately, it is June 21 of this year. Unfortunately, I can not wait for three months. My diaper bag is too small. And I want a cute one - not just a grey or black one that Nathan will be happy toting around. And I want it now. Sometime early this year I finally accepted that this is a boy house. If there is to be estrogen, I am to make it. If there is to be pink or red, I am to buy it. Clarification: I am not a want-er, a need-er, a havetohaveit-er. No. I am a "I'll live-er", a "I can wait a week/month/year-er", a "I can manage without-er". So you now understand that this situation is extreme. Right? I scoured criagslist and e-bay and found...nothing! I googled Red Lands End Do-It-All Diaper bag...and - nothing! The universe is currently out of stock. Well, how is the quest for a $30 diaper bag going to cost me several hundred dollars? Simple. I have decided I will settle for this diaper bag instead. It's a bargain, really, at only $144. But see, I'm currently pushing a very capable, very sturdy, very used double stroller. And I just think that my current set of wheels and that diaper bag above do not go well together, agree? So now I'm going to have to splurge on a brand new double stroller (no fear, the one I want is only $175 - new). UPDATE, since I wrote that post last week: I got the Do-It-Most Diaper Bag, from Lands End, in Fern. I will live. I will even be happy with my fern bag. I will also pine for the day I can downsize to a smaller diaper bag, when I will run back to the computer and buy the Day Tripper Diaper Bag, also from Lands End, in RED. Unless the red bags all took a Day Trip to Tim-buk-tu and then I will cry large, red tears. Another update: the incredibly generous women from church decided to throw me a baby shower and suprise! me with a new double stroller - the exact stroller I wanted. I am unbelievably blessed to have such good friends.


At 3/22/2006 02:51:00 PM, Anonymous Caryn said...

I LOVE the striped diaper bag in the picture, but it sounds like the Lands End bag is the better buy, even if it's fern instead. And how very generous of them to buy you the stroller you wanted! You must have been so pleased.


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