Thursday, March 09, 2006

What did you do on our anniverary?

Just wondering. Because it must absolutely be better than what went down at the House of Sleeplessness last night; the night that marked the beginning of year four of this institution called meh-weg. Really, I am praying to the High High Heavens that this will be my last "I'm so tired!" post. But no promises. 2:35 Talked to DH on the phone. DH: Does Havana sound good for dinner? RHM (me): Yes! Yummm... But - do you think you can stay awake? DH: Awake? Of course I can stay awake! I can't believe you'd say that! RHM: Well, it is the truth that you have been exhausted to the point of not super awake on our last 5 or 10 dates. True? DH: Well... RHM: *smug in my right-ness* 2:51 I am getting a little lethargic. I remember there are 4 - 2 liter bottles of Diet Pepsi in the trunk so I run to get them. I get in the house, open one bottle, pour myself a large glass and chug. Because hey - I can't very well fall asleep on our date if I just gave the hubs a bad time about him falling asleep on me. I reason that if I chug these 16-ish ounces now, and 16 more in about 2 hours, I'll be set for the night. Sweet! Fun-date Julie -----> back in action. 3:25 I am so tired I can't even sit up straight without leaning over. So I sit on the floor holding Josh and "playing" with Jake so I have less distance to fall. 3:50 I am now lying on the floor with Josh, watching Jake "reading" to himself, playing trains, and jumping on the couch. 4:09 DH walks in. Early, for our anniversary. How nice of him! How nice of me to be lying on the floor playing dead when he walks in! But HEY, now - at least I deep cleaned the kitchen and HEY, now - even mopped the dining room and kitchen floors. 4:11 We decide to call off dinner plans and babysitting and reschedule for another day. 4:12 DH hands me the phone to call my friend who was set to watch the boys. As soon as the line starts ringing, I have serious second thoughts about canceling. A dinner out - child free? Passing that up is just crazy, even if my face falls in the appetizer. And by the way, we would of course get an appetizer, because that is the thing we do only once a year for special occasions, which this would be and also, by the way, I do not care if that sentence is a run-on; I like my appetizers. 4:12:45 Friend gets to hear DH and I do the "Honey, it's really ok to reschedule, I'm not mad or disappointed" "but honey I'll live as long as dinner is about 3 minutes long, I swear it will be fine" dance. Lucky friend! 4:49 Dinner is officially cancelled. Just kidding. It was probably 4:13:39. 4:50 I am in the kitchen making dinner and decide that I should drink that 2nd glass of Pepsi so I'm at least awake enough to string together 3 words - aka "making conversation". I grab the Pepsi, pour myself a glass and chug. I'm stirring the soup and the veggies together and look over at the bottle and...HEY. WAIT. Gold wrapper on that 2 liter bottle. Looked a little something like this: I call your attention to those very blue, very obvious words above the word 'diet'.

Duh, Julie. I bought Caffeine Free on purpose. I, longtime supporter of Pepsi Co, need not even have looked at the words but only the gold wrapper alone to know - HEY! This product will NOT wake me UP unless the ice cold beverage is poured on my sleeping body! Hey! 6:00 I am now laying on the sofa in the living room while DH has both boys at the computer in the bedroom, watching train videos. I, of course, am heartbroken at missing this family bonding experience. 6:15 Date with DH cancelled for date with back of eyelids. 7:00 woken up by Jake tapping on my shoulder: "hi mom!" 7:45 Finally done putting children to bed 7:46 Time to sit on the couch and kick back with TiVo. On tap? Apprentice and a little bit of The Closer. 9:00 I can't take it anymore. Mr. Eyelid obviously didn't get enough of me on our first date tonight. He's back for more. And I'm game. 11:00, 2:50, 5:30 Late night feedings (Josh) and comfortings (Jake)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
For your enjoyment - we got a postcard in the mail today from a realtor. His first name: Baldassare, or bald-ass-are. I did a little research and discovered that Baldassare is the Italian form of Bathalsar. But still, lots of jokes (from me) and rolled eyes (from dh re: my bad jokes) going on about that name.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
One more quick tid-bit. A town that's just a tad too far from me to call "neighboring" recently changed the income level required to live in their low-income apartments. You are now considered low-income if you gross less than $125K per year. You've just got to love California. Did you catch those two words in the same sentence? Because they were not a mistake: low income & $125,000


At 3/10/2006 10:55:00 AM, Blogger Rachelle said...

That happened on our 2nd anniversary. We moved that day and were exhausted. Collapsed into bed. And if it helps at all, I don't remember if we even celebrated our anniversary last summer after Cam came. I don't remember hiring a babysitter at all.


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