Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Diaper Bag; Part The Last

The Do-It-Most Diaper Bag came today. In fern. I am adoring it. The end.


At 3/23/2006 09:59:00 AM, Blogger Rachelle said...

yay for a new diaper bag! even in fern.

At 3/24/2006 10:54:00 AM, Blogger Bek said...

I am glad you got your bag!! I just retired my old trusty blue Lands End bag. I am a ta oint where I can grab a diaper and go (that part of your post resonated with me...) so I am back in Kate Space land....

I tried to post yesterday, but my computer was being hinkey....

LOVE THE NEW PICTURES...Keep them coming..

Oh and we have the death germ too. I am ready to send him packing..


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