Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And, that spells trouble, with a capital T and that rhymes with...

Why are we in trouble? We have a wiseguy on our hands and he's not even two! This weekend we were at my parents. We had friends over to visit. The friends had a son, Taylor, who is about 11 or so, and whom Jacob adores. Jacob and Taylor were on the couch, probably because Taylor could not take two steps without Jacob following on his heels. Remember Jacob's infatuation with trains? Unfortunately, I'm afraid we may not even be in the thickest of it yet. Jacob would turn to Taylor and say "Choo choo!" Taylor: Where's the choo-choo? Jacob: choo-choo outside! (and he pointed outside) - we were on my parents couch, facing the street, and there most definately was not a choo-choo outside Taylor: Is there a choo-choo outside? Jacob: NOPE! Followed by hysterical laughing with a "made ya look" attitude


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