Thursday, June 01, 2006

You're invited to dinner! At my house!

But not really! Because all of you, with your families and whatnot? Wouldn't really fit in my cozy place. Plus, the mess? Did you know we were trying to sell our house? Probably, since I speak of little else. And the messes are something we're trying to avoid. So, while I would love to have you over for dinner - or lunch - or breakfast (and actually, I mean it...warm fuzzies), what I should have said was:

You're invited to oogle over the food I serve my family nightly.
But that just doesn't sound as welcoming and fun, now, does it? Nope. On the links there to the right (which I plan on adding to this week, or next week...or sometime in June) (and by the way, is this color scheme just screaming COTTON CANDY or PINK LEMONADE - drink me! lick me! to you? Too cutesy? Hmmm... comments welcome. Where were we? Oh - links...) there's a link you can follow to my food blog. Just go ahead and click on the JulieCooks! link and wham! You'll be there. Why another blog? Like I don't talk enough here? (by the way, this would be post #100, thankyouverymuch) I have enough family phone calls for "you know - that recipe" or "what's for dinner?" that I just decided to stick our menus and recipes online and tell my lovin' family members "find it yourselves, dudes". I chose blogsome instead of blogger so I can easily group recipes into categories to make it easy for ALL of us. And guess what? Now that my fun project messes are a thing of the past, I have to stick to nap-time projects that are mess-free. The computer provides plent of those. So Julie Cooks! will be updated almost daily.


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