Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fun things to discover on a Thursday morning

1) My drivers license expired on my birthday. Over a month ago. Woo!! Thankfully, I got an appointment at the DMV for tomorrow morning. This appears to be a small miracle, as the last several times I got online appointments, they were several weeks out. Phew. Stay tuned to learn how much in extra overdue fees I'll get to pay. Yeah! 2) We didn't get FBI fingerprinted for our adoption homestudy. Sure, we got checked through the Child Abuse database and the CA state database. Apparently not good enough! FBI fingerprints wouldn't have been needed to finalize in California, but guess what? We're finalizing in Utah! And it's necessary to finalize in Utah! And I can't find people on Google anywhere near where we live that will do the "old fashioned" FBI fingerprints instead of the livescan! Because I'm too cheap to put out yet another ton o' cash for more high tech fingerprints! Any ideas? Anyone?


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