Friday, May 19, 2006

It's a river, right?

I. Am. Naive. This is what my front door and front fence looked like last night: That first picture? That would be a for sale sign. Next picture? Lock box. All the signs of a house for sale. My brain has all the signs of an owner in denial of a house for sale. The denial exists in my not expecting one offer for at least 3 weeks. The last house in our condo complex took 38 days to sell. I'm not/wasn't even really expecting people to come for showings. They can see one of the management's model's, right? My allergies? Out of CONTROL, people. I just got a 5 day prescription for steroids since I'm on 4 of the highest-powered prescriptions they give, and those 4 prescriptions are not working at all. And since I feel like crap, my house is ok, but far from perfect. But who cares, right? Because it's not like anyone's going to come see this small, 2 bedroom 1150 sq foot place. HA HA FUNNY. I just got a phone call from a realtor. I have 90 minutes to make this place perfect and be scarce. And yet? I sit and type here. Smart, woman, I am. Denial.


At 5/19/2006 01:22:00 PM, Blogger Bek said...

Time to invest in some plastic totes. Throw everything in the totes, put the totes in the car and head to Target where the kiddo's can play in the toy aisle and make a huge mess and then you can just walk away, go home and unload your totes from your car!!

At 5/19/2006 07:57:00 PM, Blogger Awesome Mom said...

Good luck with the showing!

At 5/22/2006 12:31:00 PM, Blogger Nettie said...

Ewww, I hate having to be in the house selling mode. Thankfully, the three houses we've sold, did so quickly. Because I become a lint picking crank. Hope you feel better and you get a quick sell!


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