Sunday, June 04, 2006


1 - I was greeted by Jacob this morning (after the 1:15 am and 5:00 am screams of 2 year old in-coming molar distress) peeking his head around the corner (I was already feeding Josh in the dining room) and looking at me with a smile while saying "W, X, Y, Z!!!" like it was some amazing secret he couldn't wait to share. In addition, he's been peppering our morning with "Good Morning, Mom!" and "Good Morning, Dad!" and "Good Morning, Joshie! Kiss? Hug?" after which he smothers Josh (really, near-smothers Josh, really) with kisses and hugs and love. I have almost forgotten the midnight wake up screams. 2 - To be added to the list of "things I shouldn't blog about until we talk to the involved humans in person" is this tidbit (but not to worry, since the in-person conversation will happen in about 1 hour): Yesterday, we were asked to speak in church on the 25th, since we'll be moving on/by the 28th. Fine. No big deal. Last night it got moved up to the 18th, which, I decided this morning, is a big-deal, and will not actually happen. I don't mind speaking in Sacrament Meeting as long as I have sufficent notice, which we have at two-weeks. But now that we only have 4 Sundays left in California, and two are already spoken for, I have become wildly possessive of the other 2 Sundays. Sunday 1: today. Sunday 2: out of town - house hunting. Sundays 3 and 4 are now officially "reserved" for a 1) potential return trip to the new state if we have a last second house thing I need to take care of, 2) a last minute trip to my family's home in the SC (southern CA) to say good-bye, or 3) a 2-3 day trip to Monterey and Carmel, just in case we can't take the trip during a weekday - which is such a special place to us that it is just as important to make that trip as it is to say good-bye to family and best friends. 3 - I broke down. I bought a Bumbo. I love it. Josh loves it. Unfortunately, Jacob also loves it. He is currently 5 pounds over the weight limit for the bumbo. How much fun will it be to a) watch our new baby receptacle collapase under Jacob's crushing 27 pounds of body weight? or b) try to keep Jacob out of the "elephant seat!" (there's an elephant on the front), especially now that he has declared everything in a 200 mile radius as "mine". 4) Yesterdays mail box contents included 10 pieces of mail, which included:

  • 1 Netflix DVD (the first 4 episodes of Lost, Season 1 (3 of which were visually consumed last night) and man-alive are we hooked - I get it now, people, I get it.)
  • 4 items of the "vote for me on Tuesday" variety
  • 5 items of the "buy my product or the services I have to offer!" variety. Given, two of the items came from companies we had a prior relationship with (a magazine I let the subscription expire on that we loved and would actually re-subscribe to if we were still going to be here, and the realtor who helped us buy our current digs), but I still don't like junk mail from anyone. The environment, people.
5) We spent yesterday walking around another awesome Bay Area neighorhood: Piedmont, just next door to Oakland. We finally made it to the very famous Fentons, which I can now say is just as wonderful as everyone has always said. The menu is much shorter than our favorite ice cream joint, The San Francisco Creamery Company, (and if you click on any link in this post it really should be that one so you can see just how cute their storefront is) which is - fortunately/unfortunately much closer than Fentons - but Fentons is much longer on history. 6) Speaking Piedmont and Oakland and the amazing walk we had in those wonderful neighborhoods: I've been in a quandry the past few days - with the reality of the house selling, the reality of moving, the reality of leaving, the reality that Nathan will now be a "frequent business traveler" as his main office will stay in San Francisco even though we will not - all setting in at once and overwhelming me. I have, about nine hundred dozen times in the past forty-eight hours, considered calling this whole deal off because, really - just what the heck are we doing, anyway? Nathan has echoed every one of my "just what the heck are we doing anyway" 's with "What do you really want, Julie?" and I have refused to answer because, apparently, I am greedy and selfish and want things that I can not have all at once, including a great house with a great yard in a great neighborhood with friendly people (like the man we just happend upon and talked to for about a half hour after our ice cream about gardening) and parks and lots of families with dogs and strollers who take walks every night and lots of quirky fun restaurants within walking distance. Oh, and if I could also request a weekly farmers market within walking distance (and not on a Sunday like the one in Walnut Creek I had to drive by on my way to church every single Sunday: salt + wound = sadness), that would be fantastic, thankyouverymuch.


At 6/05/2006 08:03:00 PM, Blogger Zoe said...

How exciting for you guys to have such a change in your lives! I totally agree about the speaking in church deal. You don't want to go insane before you are to leave. I hope that they were understanding.

As for Lost- yes, it is incredibley addicting!!

At 6/09/2006 06:52:00 PM, Anonymous krista said...

That bumbo thing is freaking ridiculous! I couldn't help but giggle.

Portable though! haha.


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