Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oh, wishing for the days

What days? The days where I can go up to a person and say "I am going to buy your house for this much money and I'd like to move in on this day" and the person will say "sounds peachy" and we'd shake hands and the deal would be DONE and official because hey - we're both people of integrity and it's just a whole lot easier to do it that way than to fill out 958 pieces of paper that require my signature and/or initials approximately 14,327 times. Boy, oh boy. That said, the house buying adventure went pretty smoothly. In fact - we're still on said adventure. We found "the house" quickly - it was the 2nd of 15 or so houses we looked at one very long Wednesday this week. It didn't quite feel like I anticipated; the "oooh, this is it" similar to the wedding dress "oooh, this is it". Our house will be wonderful for us. It's in a town that feels quaint and old and small to me, although I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that town gets built up just like the rest of this quickly growing state. The house is brand new (something we didn't plan on) and not even finished. In fact! The house will not be completed until at last 2 weeks after we move out of our current home. Which means! Nomads are we.


At 6/10/2006 10:42:00 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

congrats on finding a house! and how cool that it's brand new. :)
we went on a whirl-wind, one-day house-buying spree before we moved to CO. it's stressful to pack all of that into such a short amount of time!

At 6/11/2006 09:32:00 AM, Blogger Bek said...

At least you can picture where you will be living...

A NEW house...that is awesome....are you going to tell us where?

At 6/11/2006 07:49:00 PM, Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!! It must be exciting to get a brand new house. Like getting a new car only even better.


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