Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day off!

I wish it was a real day off, but it will just be the next best thing, I suppose. I'm sick of house stuff, and I'm sick - these allergies are just kicking my butt. You'd have no clue I spend as much money on stupid meds as I do each month to still have this amount of snot come out of my body. And the eyes? Massaging them with sandpaper has occured to me many times in the past two weeks. I'm sitting here this morning looking at our DI pile waiting to be shipped off and the pile of laundry I still have to hang and the patio that needs to be cleared out and cleaned off and thinking about our van that's in the dealership getting the sliding door and air conditioning fixed and - guess what? I'm not in the mood! Life through these allergy filled eyes is blurry, so I'm taking the day off. We're pushing back the date that we're putting the house up by almost a week. Nathan will be out of town next week and the idea of showing my house to possibly strange strangers with just myself and my 2 children in the house feels slightly more vulnerable than I'd like to be for now. So I'm not feeling rushed. Today is for reading, napping and swimming at our friends house. Just as a day off should be. EDIT: Could today be turning out more magnificently? I don't think so. Highlights include perfect weather, giving myself a pedicure, a great workout, singing and dancing with Jacob to Lionel Ritchie music blasting from the computer, coloring with Jacob, getting some of my book read (funny how reading 7 pages of scriptures is a chore but it's a piece of cake to fly through 50 pages of a novel), and even doing some voluntary cleaning/organizing. In an hour or so the boys and I will grab Nathan after work and head over to Martinez for a picnic and some fun.


At 5/02/2006 09:18:00 AM, Blogger Bek said...

Good for you!! We moved one year ago tomorrow and I still don't like to think about it.

I loved the post below about the condo. We were in our condo for 5 years (both kids came home from there, etc...) It was very hard to leave there. The worst part is that we are in the same area and my SIL lives there now......sigh.

Glad the babies are doing well. Have fun swimming. We went last night for the first time too..but the heaters weren't turned on yet....too cold.


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