Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August, 2006 (Oh, What a Night)

[I tried to post videos but don't have the patience to figure out the html problems. So if you're that interested, here: link to the videos Oh, but a very different night from that Four Seasons night. When we first decided upon this new family dynamic of Nathan traveling more often, I had grand ideas. He would leave, and Jake, Josh and I would party. The zoo! The farm! The trails! The parks! The movies! And we would hardly have time to miss each other through all the fun! Well. Well. I could sum it up by saying that while I was relaying the events that took place in less than one hour this evening to Nathan over the phone, I started laughing quite hard. And then I quite accidentally started crying. But they weren't those tears shed from laughing so hard at funny things. No. They were "I'm laughing because I'm trying not to actually cry but hot dang I'm exhuasted and the second you get home I'm escaping to a deserted island with only mindless reading, plenty of cable/satellite TV, a large stash of Netflix documentaries, and my Vita-Mix, so please hurry home quickly" tears. But why sum it up when I can share the details?! Before I do, though, let me say that the Universe bit me in the butt today. Yesterday, Tracy M had a post that I cringed and laughed and got warm fuzzied at. And I left a comment that said something like "your posts give me a glimpse of what my future holds". BUT - I meant my future in 2-4 years, not 24 hours. Good grief. [I just took a couple hour break from writing this, and kept wondering if I really wanted to relive the night in all its glory? Sure, why not. Plus, when we're all in therapy, it will be helpful to have the accurate details.] After we got home from a walk this afternoon, I took the dog to play in the backyard. I sat on the porch watching Jacob throw sticks at Tioga until Josh started crying from his swing. I got up to get Josh, and came back to see this: Jacob. Stuck in mud. I couldn't find our little movie player fast (with sound! unlike our lousy Olympus camera), so instead you get this, best viewed with your left ear on your left shoulder and your head moving as if you were having a seizure. Go ahead and watch, it's not that long, and it's kind of funny to watch him keep falling down and try to walk around... So I went back into the house and put Josh on the floor, I put Tioga on the short leash, hooked to the step, so he ccouldn't explore in the same mud puddle. Then I ran upstais, got a new Jacob diaper and a beach towel, ran outside, stripped him down to his diaper, and cleaned him mostly off with the faucet outside. Not an easy task, as we don't yet have a hose. There was quite a bit of upside down time. Since he wasn't all clean, I took both kids upstairs for an early bath. I figured that I might as well give Josh a haircut since it had been a month. I used the wrong attachment to the clippers. Oops. Lots of "sorry Josh!"'s were heard and "at least you're a boy and your hair grows fast" to go along with the apologies. Boy, I felt bad.

Josh - before
Josh - after
After both boys were bathed, dried, lotioned, greased and primped, we headed back downstairs for dinner. This is when I accidentally kneed Jacob in the head and he tumbled - head first - down about 5 stairs. Lots of crying. Lots more "I am SO sorry!"'s. Some worrying about his arm. I decided I'd let him help me make some juice since I just toppled him down the stairs. His current favorite is carrots, pineapple and a small lemon slice thrown in with a handful of ice. So, we made some slushy carrot juice and sat down at the table to enjoy our appetizer. Josh had been placed on the floor while Jacob and I were "cooking", and he started being exceptionally cute. So I had to go take pictures. And a movie. I might add that Josh is just over 5 months and about to crawl. I'm not happy about this. 1 - he is too young, 2 - life with a crawler isn't easy, 3 - he's my baby! He's got the knees down, and just started trying to throw arms into the mix on Sunday. Every time he does, though, I give him a look with a stern "You'd better think twice about that, Mister." Thank goodness, he's as clumsy as the puppy and I'm praying it will be at least a few more weeks until he gets better coordinated. The one thing I wanted to get on video was his funky yoga move I love to watch him do - he does downward dog (no joke!) and then puts one leg way up into the air. Freaky strong, this kid of mine. That guy on Oxygen's early morning yoga show loves those, and they're not easy! So. After I was done oohing and aahing over Josh (while not being too encouraging - because he's only FIVE months. Crawling???), I went back to the table, where Jacob had been quietly pouring my juice and his juice back and forth from one cup to another. And juice was on the table, and on the booster. And on the recently bathed Jacob. And on the chairs. This is partially my fault, as I once thought I was being all swift and educational by giving Jacob a small bag of rice, two bowls and a measuring cup. I had him use the measuring cup to put the rice from one bowl into another. He loves "scooping" when he helps me in the kitchen, so this was a hit. Until he lightbulbed and just picked up the bowl full of rice and poured it into the other. Why employ a middle man? And he's been pouring ever since. Nice motor skills. Not a nice mess. And while all this was happening inside, Tioga the Wonder Dog was rolling in mud outside. Good night, huh? Nathan called to check in from his trip just after the juice incident. I was so exapsterated I started laughing when I was telling him that I kneed Jacob in the head and helped him to careen down the stairs. By the time I got to Tioga rolling in mud, the tears came. I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep each night the past couple nights, and I just don't do well with that little sleep. Once I got the quick cry out, we were a-ok again. Except for the exhaustion. OH. Of course that couldn't be the whole night. While I was changing Josh before bed, Jacob wanted to use the potty. (He just turned 2. He's been into the potty for awhile, but he's actually using it now. Again with the "slow down, dude...way too young!"). Anyway. He put his little Sesame Street toilet hole shrinker - or whatever you call it - on the toilet, hopped up, and started singing and doing whatever else he was doing. I'm putting Josh's diaper on and hear a "Mom! Help!" Getting off the toilet, Jacob somehow got one foot stuck inside (but not touching the water) while the rest of his body was going over the toilet, pointing down. Just one big question mark. Nathan will be glad that I fought the urge to let Jacob stay there while I grabbed the camera. (You're welcome, honey.) One hour: mud bath, Jacob outdoor bath, bad haircut, two-kid bath, kicked my kid down the stairs, begged my other kid not to crawl, picked up a royal juice mess and watched the dog roll in the mud, all shortly before my older son got stuck in the toilet. Do you see why that island sounds so tempting?
Partners in Crime
And he thinks HE had a rough day.


At 8/01/2006 10:58:00 PM, Blogger Tracy M said...

Hahahaha..he he he...!(snerkel) Sorry!

At 8/02/2006 04:15:00 AM, Blogger Trista said...

We've all had those days. And those days all seem to happen when Daddy is gone.

Chin up - you can recuperate when Nathan gets back!

At 8/02/2006 08:53:00 AM, Anonymous StacyDesigns said...

The Jacob video cracks me up. Thank you to your neighbors for leaving their sprinklers on for 3 days.

At 8/02/2006 06:05:00 PM, Blogger Awesome Mom said...

Harry does downward facing dog too. He is also pulling up onto things despite the fact that I have told him that he is not allowed to walk until he is at least one year old. The kid is not listening!!! I am glad I am not the only mommy that does not want thier kiddos to grow up too fast.

At 8/03/2006 07:38:00 PM, Blogger Steven Oakford said...

One word....Xanax


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