Wednesday, June 14, 2006

saying "good-bye" to Sesame Street

Jacob woke up from his nap today yelling at me from his bed: "MOM! MOM!" I walked in there to see him, still tucked under the covers, holding out his orange sippy cup for me to take. "Mom. Ago. Ago, mom." Huh? Ago? I get apple juice, "lem-ade" and milk. But ago? I'm guessing he meant "agua", probably courtesty of Sesame Street. So, dear Sesame Street, we bid you farewell. Thanks for teaching Jacob some letters, some numbers and a bunch of songs. Thanks for babysitting him so I could shower. But the Spanish? Dude, I can hardly understand Jacob's English. Ago? (and if you really think my Sesame Street boycott is going to last more than 16 hours, well...probably not.)


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