Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the most exciting 2 year old birthday party EVER

Yesterday we were at Kohl's getting Nathan's fathers day present. (and if you think I can go into Kohl's and get just one thing - ha! wrong!) I turned to Jacob, who was doing a shockingly good job holding onto the stroller as he was told and I brought up his birthday - just a month away! "Your birthday is coming up. Should we have a party?" "Nope." "No party? For your birthday? Do you want cake?" "Nope." "No cake? Should we sing?" "Hmmm...nope." "No singing, no cake, no party. Hmmm. Do you want toys?" "Nope. No toys." At this point, I'm thinking schweet! We're scheduled to move into our house the day after Jacob's birthday, and my responsibility to make him happy on the big day just got incredibly easy. "So, Jacob. You want no toys, no cake, no party and no singing. How about ice cream." This. This is where I screwed up. Should never have mentioned ice cream. "Ice cream! Yes! Ice cream!" "Okay. You want ice cream on your birthday. Any chance you're going to want cake to go with it?" "Cake! Yes! Cake and ice cream! Yes, mommy!" "And presents. You've probably changed your mind on presents, too. Books and toys?" "PRESENTS! Toys! Ice cream! [insert hilarious almost-2-year-old laughter here]" So, that will be our wild and raucous celebration of Jacob, on his special day. Ice cream. Presents! and, of course, cake. Two days ago, I bought a new wallet. I was just transferring the goods from the old to the new and gave Jacob my old wallet. His favorite thing lately has been getting into my bag and rearranging all the cards and whatnot. Now, I'm realizing I made a mistake - I should have saved the old wallet for his birthday gift. Hours of fun. Who knew?


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