Monday, July 10, 2006

This is the Place

We drove from Cedar City to northern-ish Utah yesterday (stopping for new tires along the way - wheee!). Before we got to my sister-in-laws house, where we're camping out until the house is done, we stopped at the new house. We got out, looked around, and were generally very happy with what we saw. True, it's not my dream house. There are about 417 things I would have changed if we would've gotten in on this deal earlier. But we will be very happy there. Plus, the kitchen? It is pretty. Which makes me very happy. We got back in the car to drive the 15 minutes to my sil's house, and my tears, they started flowin'. Non-stop. It was brought on by wondering "what on earth have we done and how on earth can we undo it?" Will we like the house? Is it the right house to raise our family in? And why -oh why - did we buy a house with only 3 bedrooms, an unfinished basement, a yard that's just dirt with no fence and on and on and on. And will I make friends? Will this small-but-growing (Nathan does not let me forget the "but-growing" part) town fit me? Will the schools be good enough and will my husband's traveling be too much? And WHERE is the closest Target and WHY isn't it a Super Target? See - I had serious worries. And I sat in the car crying as Nathan and Jacob were waiting for a train (it's true - in our family, a big "hobby" is chasing trains; I read books on these adventures...lots of books) - the trains that you can hear a little too well from our house - and Nathan looked at me and his eyes told me this: "Oh, crap." Because, really - it's a little too late to hit Control+Z (undo). And as a smart husband, he wants me happy. Now, about 16 hours after my little freak out, I'm better. I think the reality of "ohmygosh-we-just-sold-our-piece-of-CA- and-moved-to-Utah-what-was-I-thinking" set in. And I know what I was thinking. I was thinking that I get to live in a beautiful new home, and spend more quality time with my entire husband, since his work schedule will be much more family friendly. I was thinking that I have a river! and a trail! in my backyard. Fantastic. I was thinking that my children get to grow up in a neighborhood with grass and other children and might even get to walk to school. I was thinking that this is were God wants us to be for now, and so this is where we've come. Plus? These mountains are very short drive away: It's a good thing.


At 7/10/2006 08:22:00 PM, Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I am a bit envious of you. We are stuck here in California. I want a house of my own with a yard so badly. There are a lot of great things about living here so I put up with the high housing prices for now.


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