Friday, August 04, 2006

where my husband says "you share too much"

Well. Perhaps he might be right. When my stat counter went boing I got curious, and figured out a freaky way that a lot of people were finding this site. Go with me now - I'm putting it in code so the exact phrase won't come up. Word 1: Short for Jacob Word 2: _______ the Train Word 3: IN Word 4: (opposite of over)-wear Apparently, those 4 words lead all these people to a now-deleted post of mine that had me laughing as my older son put Thomas the train undies over his pants and refused to take them off. The post was complete with a picture, that is also now deleted. I'm sure the googlers were disappointed, as I did some homework of my own and decided that they were most likely looking for this guy in his shorts (even though he's only in high school! which must just thrill his poor mother).


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